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TCHAOU Group Services E Products LTD (TGSP) and its industry 

TGSP is an agro-industrial company incorporated under Benin law specializing in the production and supply of cosmetic ingredients to cosmetic manufacturers around the world.

The Mission of the TCHAOU Group

TCHAOU Group Services E Products SARL’s main mission is to produce and supply better quality cosmetic raw materials (butters and extra virgin vegetable oils) to cosmetic and even pharmaceutical manufacturers around the world.

Cold-pressed butters and vegetable oils manufactured by Tchaou Group 

The TCHAOU Group manufactures extra virgin oils and butters such as:
Soya oil
– Neem Oil
– Avocado oil
– Baobab oil
– Palm kernel oil
– Tigernuts oil
– Avocado Butter
– Shea Butter
– Mango Butter

To source good quality cold pressed natural vegetable oils and butter, TCHAOU Group Services E Products is the manufacturer of cold pressed vegetable oils that you should contact.




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